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Учебный фильм «Meeting America»

Part 1. The American way and the record of history.
Part 2. A land of contrasts:
  • Scyscrapers and ghettoes
  • Automation and the unemployed
  • Advanced agriculture and the poor
  • Cars and freeways against man
Part 3. American democracy as it is.

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Учебный фильм «Youth of the world today»

Our world is in danger. Unemployment. A little bit of history. Times of change in Latin America. South-East Asia. Pease now. Hold the arms race. Yong people for pease.

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Учебный фильм «We are students»

Диалоги из жизни студентов. История создания МГУ. Экскурсии. Учеба. Свободное время.