Film «A Insurance of Grouse» (фильм «Страховка тетерева» на английском языке) | Видео СФУ

Film «A Insurance of Grouse» (фильм «Страховка тетерева» на английском языке)

Knowledge of the regional characteristics of breeding grouse - the question is not idle as it may seem at first glance. It is directly related to the conservation and rational use of resources of this wonderful bird is a favorite object of prey to generations of Russian hunters.

Biology of lekking ground, generally known and described in literature, has regional differences within a vast area of this kind is not fully investigated. The work, which used modern technical equipment, mainly carried out in the West in similar environmental conditions, with a very low number and sedentary species.

This video is dedicated to the final phase of the lekking ground. Judgments about it more often based on indirect and rather fragmentary observations. Contrary to popular opinion in a hunting environment, the lekking ground of male black grouse, such as capercaillie retains all their appeal for the long period of May and in general features is not much different from the climax of the period.

Of course, this is not extravagance of nature, and an important component for maximizing the use of the short length of the breeding season. Such is the kind of insurance in case of failure of physiology in young females, or loss of birds first clutch.

The film features fragments of musical compositions: «weather forecast» (BMRU_043_040), «Summer memories» (BMRU_115_011), «Environmental review» (BMRU_086_023) , «Sense of life» (BMRU_043_005). Source of borrowing phonogram (track): LLC «RIO Production».

Дата съемки:2013 г.
Разрешение:720x406  610x344  320x180
Длительность:12 мин 18 сек
Средний: 5 (проголосовало: 8)
Ключевые слова:ИЭУиП, птицы, экспедиции
Место съёмки:Krasnoyarsk region (Central Siberia)
Добавлено:22 июля 2013 г.
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Организация:Siberian Federal University
Авторы:A. Savchenko, I. Savchenko